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Revasri Golf Rangefinder 3M02 1000M/1100Y Version

Revasri Golf Rangefinder 3M02 1000M/1100Y Version

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Introducing the Revasri Rangefinder – Your All-in-One Precision Golfing Solution

Unleash the power of precision with the Revasri Rangefinder, a cutting-edge device meticulously crafted to elevate your golfing experience. Packed with innovative features, this rangefinder is designed to be your trusted companion on the course, providing accuracy, versatility, and convenience.

Key Features:

Powerful and Rechargeable: Equipped with a Type-C charging port and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, the Revasri Rangefinder ensures you stay powered up throughout your golf sessions. Say goodbye to constantly changing batteries, and embrace the convenience of long-lasting power.

Unit Flexibility: Switch effortlessly between meters and yards based on your preference. The Revasri Rangefinder's unit switching is intuitive – just press and hold the M button and the Measurement button simultaneously for 3-5 seconds, and witness the seamless transition through the eyepiece.

Versatile Measurement Modes:

  • Single Range Mode: Pinpoint accuracy for individual distances.
  • All-in-One Mode: Capture angle, linear distance, horizontal distance, and vertical height in one comprehensive mode.
  • Scanning Measurement Mode: Swiftly scan the terrain for multiple distance readings.
  • Speed Measurement Mode: Perfect for tracking the pace of moving targets.
  • Two-Point Altimetry Mode: Ideal for assessing elevation changes with precision.
  • Golf Mode: Tailored for golf enthusiasts, featuring angle measurement, straight-line distance, slope compensation distance (Golf recommended hitting distance), flagstick lock, scanning mode (keep measuring button pressed), and a vibration alert after flagpole lock.

Extended Range Capability: With a remarkable range of 1000 meters (1100 yards), the Revasri Rangefinder ensures that no target is out of reach. Whether you're measuring the distance to the pin, assessing hazards, or gauging the length of the fairway, do it all with unparalleled accuracy.

The Revasri Rangefinder is more than a device – it's a game-changer for golfers seeking precision, innovation, and convenience. Elevate your game, conquer the course, and experience golfing like never before with Revasri.


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