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Revasri LW-NH Rangefinder

Revasri LW-NH Rangefinder

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Measurement Range

Introducing the Revasri Rangefinder – Elevate Your Golfing Precision

The Revasri Rangefinder is your go-to device for unparalleled accuracy and performance on the golf course. Crafted with precision in mind, this rangefinder boasts a range of advanced features that cater to golfers seeking a competitive edge.

Key Specifications:

Measurement Modes:

  1. Linear Distance Mode: Perfect for accurate measurements from tee to green.
  2. Golf Mode: Tailored specifically for golf enthusiasts, featuring angle measurement, linear distance measurement, slope compensation function, flagpole scanning, locking function, and vibration mode (vibration after the flagpole is locked).
  3. Speed Mode: Ideal for tracking the speed of moving targets.


  1. Angle Measurement: Gain a precise understanding of the slope and angle, allowing for strategic shot selection.
  2. Linear Distance Measurement: Pinpoint accuracy for distances from various points on the course.
  3. Slope Compensation Function: Adjust your shots with confidence, accounting for changes in elevation.
  4. Flagpole Scanning and Locking Function: Effortlessly lock onto the flagpole for accurate distance readings.
  5. Vibration Mode: Experience a subtle vibration once the flagpole is successfully locked, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Unit Switching: Switch between meters and yards effortlessly by pressing and holding the mode button for 3 seconds, providing you with the flexibility to use your preferred unit of measurement.

With a remarkable range of 900 meters (1000 yards), the Revasri Rangefinder empowers golfers with precision and reliability. Elevate your golf game, make confident shot selections, and conquer the course with the Revasri Rangefinder – your ultimate golfing companion.






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