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PGM SG002 Wedges

PGM SG002 Wedges

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Introducing the PGM SG002 Wedges, the ultimate golf clubs for precision shots around the greens. These wedges are designed to enhance your short game with their advanced features and exceptional performance.

The PGM SG002 Wedges come in Gap, Sand, and Lob variations, providing you with versatile options to handle different situations on the course. With their face milling technology, these wedges offer consistent ball striking and improved spin control, allowing you to hit accurate shots with confidence.

The aerodynamic design of the PGM SG002 Wedges further enhances their performance. It helps promote faster clubhead speed and increased stability, ensuring optimal results in various lie conditions. Whether you're in the bunker, hitting from the rough, or executing delicate flop shots, these wedges are up to the task.

As a bonus, we offer free worldwide shipping, enabling golfers from all over the world to enjoy the benefits of the PGM SG002 Wedges. Shop with confidence and take advantage of our best price guarantee today.

The specifications of the PGM SG002 Wedges include a range of lofts to suit your needs, including 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, and 64 degrees. The shaft material is stainless steel, ensuring durability and optimal feel. The club heads are also made of stainless steel, providing a solid and reliable construction.

The PGM SG002 Wedges are suitable for both men and women, featuring a regular flex and designed for right-handed players.

When purchasing a set of wedges, it is recommended to allow for a 4-degree loft difference between each club. For example, a combination of 50, 54, and 58-degree wedges is commonly used to cover different distances and shot types around the green.

Upgrade your short game with the PGM SG002 Wedges. Order yours today and experience exceptional performance, consistent ball striking, and improved shot versatility.

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