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PGM TUG034 Putter

PGM TUG034 Putter

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Introducing the PGM TUG034 Putter, a game-changing club designed to enhance your putting performance on the greens. This putter incorporates advanced features that improve your ball positioning, boost your confidence, and deliver a consistent, accurate strike.

The PGM TUG034 Putter features sightlines strategically placed on the clubhead. These sightlines serve as visual aids to assist in aligning the ball and ensuring proper positioning during your putting stroke. By providing a clear reference point, these sightlines help you improve your aim, leading to more accurate putts and increased confidence on the green.

The milled insert of the PGM TUG034 Putter contributes to its exceptional performance. This insert is precision-machined to provide a solid and responsive feel at impact. The consistent feedback from the milled insert allows for better distance control and enhanced accuracy. With this putter in your hands, you can achieve a more consistent putting stroke and improve your overall putting performance.

As a bonus, we offer free worldwide shipping, allowing golfers from around the globe to experience the benefits of the PGM TUG034 Putter. Shop with confidence and take advantage of our best price guarantee today.

The PGM TUG034 Putter is constructed with a steel shaft, ensuring durability and stability throughout your stroke. It is designed specifically for right-handed golfers, catering to their natural hand orientation and providing optimal performance.

This putter is classified as a mallet type, offering a balanced and forgiving design that promotes stability and accuracy. The mallet shape provides a larger sweet spot and helps minimise twisting on off-centre strikes, giving you greater consistency and control on your putts.

Elevate your putting game with the PGM TUG034 Putter. Order yours today and experience the benefits of improved ball positioning, added confidence, and a consistent, accurate strike.

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