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PGM Putter - Model YB-026

PGM Putter - Model YB-026

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PGM Putter - Model YB-026

Key Features:

  1. White Center Insert: The YB-026 putter features a white centre insert that offers consistent acoustics and a responsive feel across the face. This design element helps improve your chances of sinking more putts by providing reliable feedback and enhanced touch.

  2. Evenly Distributed Weight: Designed with evenly distributed weight, this putter ensures a solid feel and promotes a consistent putting stroke. The balanced weight distribution helps maintain stability and control, leading to more accurate and dependable putts.

  3. Central Line Marker: The YB-026 is equipped with a central line marker to help you line up your putts with precision. This alignment aid ensures that you can easily aim and execute your stroke with confidence, improving your overall putting performance.

Experience enhanced feel, stability, and alignment with the PGM YB-026 Putter. Designed for golfers seeking precision and consistency on the greens, this putter is your key to sinking more putts and lowering your scores.


Head Weight 380g 

Loft 3 degrees 

Length 34"

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